The Business of Art Q&A – Podcast #237

//The Business of Art Q&A – Podcast #237

In this episode we conclude our 3-part Q&A series with Business questions relating to art. We discuss the following:

  • What is the split of time like between creating art and dealing with the business side of things?
  • How does being an artist work out financially? (I’m not after figures!) Are there ebbs and flows? Has it changed over the decades? Have you ever been concerned about how it might work out? What do you know now that you didn’t when you first started?
  • With a number of different revenue streams (e.g. commissions, prints, workshops etc), which is the most lucrative and is it what you most enjoy doing?
  • How do you price your work?
  • Have you had to alter your business model over the years?
  • Have you had to work hard at selling/marketing your work?
  • How do you find your clients? Do you target specific markets/types of people?
  • Do you have work in galleries? Is the cut they take from sold work worth the exposure it gains you?
  • Do you exhibit at trade shows/fayres? Is the fee for the space worth how much art might be sold?

We hope you enjoyed the last 3 episodes and feel you have learnt a lot. Thanks again to Teresa for the questions and if you have any please send them over to us! Our email address is: steve.bradley@colinbradleyart.com

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