Siamese Kitten Pastel Pencil Painting Feedback

//Siamese Kitten Pastel Pencil Painting Feedback

Louise has sent me her picture of the “Siamese Kitten” Pastel Pencil Tutorial and has asked for any tips to help improve her painting. To help with the understanding of the points I am going to raise I have also included my original painting alongside.

Siamese Kitten How to Improve Pastel Pencil Painting

The black arrows indicate the over application of the dark colours over the eyes and although I have also painted these on mine they are more subtle. The pupil on the left is slightly too large indicated by the red arrow and the right eye could do with a touch more depth, dark blue (faber castell pitt pastel pencils no. 151) followed by 199 black would solve this; see the blue arrow above.

I have placed a white square of equal proportions over the nose of both pictures and you will note the nose on the left is a touch too large.

The area of the picture ringed by the yellow circle has been over blended but by using sharp dark pencils and then not blended out this could be easily addressed.

I feel that Louise has done a remarkable job on this tricky subject and should be proud of her effort. I particularly like the way she has softened the fur around the top of the head. Once the adjustments I have suggested are implemented the picture will be very good indeed.

You can learn how to draw this siamese kitten in pastel pencils by signing up for my Pastel Pencil Tutorials.

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