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Rustic Well Pen and Ink Attempt from Greg1Greg has sent me his pen & wash painting of the Well project and has asked for my feedback.

With this kind of project it is not necessary to follow strict rules over detail and a looser approach works well. So with this in mind is there a line to be drawn or can anything go.

As far as I am concerned the loose approach is fine but I like to still follow certain criteria. There are a couple of points I would change if this were my painting.

First of all I would straighten the Main support (see black arrow).

This could be argued that it is an old well and is listing, ok fair enough.

Secondly the top of the bricks do not quite line up (see red arrow) – a small point but is it important?

Everything else you could easily get away with and could be seen as artistic licence.

It’s great to see a Pen and Ink Project from one of our members. We have this pen and ink project available in our membership. For more details on how you can join, learn and get feedback on your artwork, click here.

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