Leopard – Pastel Pencil Artwork – Feedback

//Leopard – Pastel Pencil Artwork – Feedback

Pastel Pencil Feedback on Leopard Artwork

This photograph and painting was sent to me by Wendy to ask my advice on how she could create muscle tone and shading on the painting of a Leopard. The picture is not very clear and on top of that it has been taken through glass with lots of reflections to cope with. Having seen this photo I am amazed that you have done such a good job of the original. All of the colour numbers I mention below are from Faber-Castell’s Pitt Pastel Pencil Range.

The muscle tone and shading has to be placed into the subject at the time of the fur build up, you would have used white for the white areas (‘D’) then ivory 103, 170, 273, 183 and 182 with 273, 175 and 199 for the spots. To increase the depth of the shading you need to use less 103 and 183 but more 182 and 273 (‘B’) adding a touch of 175 for the deeper shaded areas (’C’). To be honest putting the shading in now it is finished would not be very successful but you could give it a try.

The reflection on the fur on the neck to the left of the leopard (see ‘A’) has altered the colour but this should be ok if you continue to use the same colours you already been using. I am sure that this will help Wendy and all of you to understand the process needed and help you with future projects.

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