How to know when you’re ready to do Commissions

//How to know when you’re ready to do Commissions

So you’ve just been asked to do your first commission picture, but are you ready?

worried clipartColin’s answer to this was: you never know when you are ready. If you say “yes”, you are in trouble. You’ll suffer from sleepless nights, it’s like “putting your head on the chopping block”. However, it is a way to take yourself to another level.

You could say that you will do the picture to give you experience and if they like it, they can buy it. This will take the pressure off you as you are doing it for different reasons.

It’s worth remembering that people’s expectations are about 60%. You will always aim for 100%. They will be quite pleased with the end result!

The best way to avoid sleepless nights is to always leave your picture on a high. When you’ve finished a really good part, end it there and go to sleep happy.

With regards to charging for a picture, it’s impossible to give a figure. You can start by doubling the framing price. Always keep it low to start off with. You can hear us discuss this subject more in Episode 8 of our Podcast.

Do you do commission work? How did you feel when you said “yes”? Let us know in the comments below.

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