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Adan has sent me this lovely picture of a Mare and foal and has asked for help with the pastel pencil colours for the Mare and wood buildings behind.

Mare and Foal

For the mare I would use Faber-Castell Pastel Pencil Number 270 as a base colour then add the warm greys (273 & 175) with colours such as 169, 187 283 and 177. There would be a few others but they would have to be introduced at a later time as the colours build up.

For the light wood I would use 103 ivory as a base then add 270. Alternatively, a lighter application of pastel pencils 182 and 179 would work. These are only guide lines and I would suggest that Adan add or subtract colours if they do not work out.

As I have said many time it is not a good idea to have a fixed range of pencils in your mind. Once the first few colours are in place it is better to add them as you go along.

If I was doing this picture I would change the background completely; placing the horses on grass with an out of focus landscape behind them. However if you did this you would be entirely without reference and it would be difficult. Although I would suggest no more difficult than putting all those buildings in.

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