Are you an Art Enthusiast?

//Are you an Art Enthusiast?

Do you LOVE Art?

Have you tried other mediums?

Want to expand your knowledge?

If you love art and have already had some experience in watercolour, acrylic, graphite, oil or others then you should absolutely have a go at using pastel pencils. Even if you are an absolute beginner, Pastel Pencils are the perfect medium to get your hands on and start learning today.

It’s proven that art can reduce stress, reduce anxiety and improve self esteem. If you’re already getting these benefits and the sense of accomplishment of producing your own artwork then give pastel pencils a try.

In my opinion they are without doubt the easiest medium to pick up and learn and if you’ve already had previous art experience, you can apply all that knowledge to working with pastel pencils.

I have used other mediums and originally my passion was watercolour, but, for it’s ease of use (it’s a dry medium) and outstanding results; pastel pencils have been my go to medium for 30 years.

I am the only artist that I am aware of that uses and teaches how to combine watercolour with pastel pencil; using watercolour as the base and applying pastel pencils on top. I have tutorials on this for beginners and for more advanced artists.


What Pencils I Use:

Initially I chose to use Carbothello Pastel Pencils and these were and still are a good pencil.

In the early 90s, Faber-Castell approached me with their new Pastel Pencil and had solved many of the small issues I had faced with Carbothello (leads cracking, pigmentation).

Since then I have chosen only to use Faber-Castell Pastel Pencils with my pictures. Many of my students choose to have a variety of brands at their fingertips which is great as it will give you a wider range of colours.

What Paper To Use:

For all my pastel pencil work I use the Sand Coloured Ingres Pastel Paper produced by Fabriano of Italy.

The colour is neutral and compliments any base colours placed on top of it.

It has 2 sides and the one I use has a raised “tooth” which grips the pastel.

It’s 160gsm so thick enough for me to apply pressure with my pencils without crushing the paper. We sell our own bespoke pads of paper which contain 25 sheets on our art store.

If you want to expand your knowledge and discover what you can achieve with pastel pencils then click below because inside my exclusive membership are in depth step by step tutorials ready and waiting.

I’m Ready. Teach Me Your Pastel Pencil & Watercolour Techniques.

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