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Anne-Marie has sent me her watercolour painting of Hambeldon Mill and has asked for my feedback, Anne-Marie writes:

“I am very excited to join your art courses. Please find attached my first water colour done under your very excellent instruction. I appreciate that there are probably lots wrong with it and I would very much appreciate your advice, tips or feedback.”

How to improve a watercolour sky | Colin Bradley Art

Anne-Marie has done a great job of her first watercolour and is well justified in feeling pleased with her efforts. Anne-Marie has changed some of the colours from my original and this is perfectly ok, but this has to be watched as by doing so it can change the overall tone of the painting.

The sky has not come out very well and therefore does not compliment the details, however this is very tricky and I would suggest that Anne-Marie practises doing just skies on spare paper following the suggestions in the video.

Another very difficult subject is trees no matter what medium you work in, but is particularly difficult in watercolour. Again this is something that can be practiced on spare paper.

I hope that Anne-Marie will try more watercolours paintings as I am sure that she will see great improvements as time goes on.

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