Would you draw this picture?

//Would you draw this picture?

We had an interesting predicament come in from one of our members Becky. She asked:

Hi Steve and Colin,
I don’t know if the following question is something you’re interested in answering; if not, that’s OK.
I saw this photo and it intrigued me – I love the coat of this American bison (buffalo) and was immediately challenged. I had just watched Colin’s lesson on the koalas.
I studied this photo a few times before it dawned on me that the pink /black stripe near it’s nose was the bison’s tongue! My question is: how would you, Colin paint this? With or without the tongue? I’m thinking it might be cute but wouldn’t viewers of the painting be confused too? What is your advice?
Thanks so much,

close up bison

What would you do in this scenario? Would you paint the picture. For me, I definitely would not paint the tongue. The way out of this is to search the internet for a photo that showed the mouth area the adapt your own picture accordingly.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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