Wine Glass Pastel Pencil Picture Feedback

//Wine Glass Pastel Pencil Picture Feedback

Ivana has sent me her painting of the wine glass project and has asked if I can give her a few pointers as to how this can be improved. First let me say that this was a very good attempt and Ivana should be delighted with her effort.

Ivana's Wine Glass in Pastel Pencils

Ivana took a photograph of this painting then scanned it into her computer as opposed to scanning the picture directly on the scanner, this has resulted in the picture being distorted – see the smaller image. You only have to be slightly at an angle taking a photograph for it to become distorted whereas a picture that is directly scanned lies flat and give a truer image, also a better reproduction.

The edge of the table needs adjusting slightly as it dips beyond the Turkish delight sweets , see black arrow. On the subject of lines another problem lies in the direction of the wood grain on the table, here the perspective needs to be adjusted – see the double black arrows.

Another tricky area is the round base of the wineglass, this is difficult to get right and can cause me problems when drawing out pictures of this kind. I have placed a yellow circle around this area to give you a better idea of the shape this should be. As you can see Ivana has very nearly got it right but the area behind the stem is slightly out – see blue arrows.

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