Where to Limit the use of White in Animal Portraits

//Where to Limit the use of White in Animal Portraits

Comparison Picture with Maggie and Colin Bradley's Original Grey wolf picture1Maggie has sent me her painting of the Grey Wolf project and has asked for my comments.

I feel that Maggie has done this animal proud and I hope that she feels very satisfied with the results.

When a project contains so much white it is understandable that this will affect the stronger tones when they are applied on top as is the case here. This means that the stronger colours are weakened by the light ones and therefore do not register as we would like.

The way out of this is to limit the volume of light colours in particular where you know the darker tones will need to be added. It would also help if the background were a little darker.

There is very little else I can comment on as this really is a great piece of work and true to the original, well done Maggie.

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