Where can you post your pictures?

//Where can you post your pictures?

Our community is highly active both on this blog and on our Facebook Page.  We post updates on here and our Facebook Page.

You don’t have to be a member of Facebook to look at the page.  If you want to interact with others and post a picture you do have to have a Facebook Account.  To post your artwork simply click the Photo option and then upload your picture.

Facebook page image upload

To look at others’ artwork scroll down and on the right hand side there is a recent posts by others. This is where your artwork appears and other people’s comments.  You can scan in your artwork to your computer and post it on the Facebook page and others will be able to see it.  You can look at other peoples work and comment and get feedback yourself from other people. We think it can be quite inspirational to see and interact with other’s in our friendly community!

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