What’s Coming in January 2018

//What’s Coming in January 2018

Happy New Year!

Here’s to lots of exciting projects in 2018!

This is definitely going to be our most exciting year yet with more projects being added than ever before!

Last week (year?!) we brought you 6 brand new subjects.


These were added to our membership and also to Udemy for non members to enrol.

Here’s those links again if you missed the email.

“Drawing Wild Animals Volume 1” (Kingfisher, Lion, Elephant)

“Drawing Wild Animals Volume 2” (Tiger, Lioness, Fox)

And so to start off the New Year, we have some more surprises heading your way.

Here’s what’s coming up this month….

2 New Projects!

Introducing Harley! A new project available in the next few days on Colin Bradley Art. It’ll be added for members and sold separately at £10 for non members.

Update: Harley is now available. Members watch the project here. Non members can purchase course for £10 here.


A little later on in the month we’ll be adding this cute little mouse picture too!

Again this one’s included in the membership and non members can buy for £10.


A Project Done Using PastelMat!

That’s right, Colin has filmed and completed a project using PastelMat.

We’re going to keep this one under wraps until it’s unveiled later in the month..

This one is going onto YouTube for everyone to view and give a go.

If you’re not already subscribed to our YouTube Channel, click here and you’ll be the first to see when it’s uploaded.

Something (Kinda) New

Not many know this, but Colin started out many years ago drawing Cartoons!

He would copy from comic books as a kid and then when he was older – for his Children and for the people in the office he was working in at the time.

A while ago we created a “Drawing Cartoons” Art Course where Colin showed you how to draw 16 Cartoons from scratch. This is actually already included in our ALL IN Membership…


However, this month you will be able to purchase the “Drawing Cartoons with Colin Bradley” via Udemy!

There’s 16 Drawing Classes and 4 Colouring Classes where he’ll show you how to ink and colour  your cartoons using Colouring Pencils.

So if you’re interested in improving your free hand drawing skills and learning Colin’s coloured pencil techniques. Stay tuned!

Oh we almost forgot! Here’s the 16 Cartoons you could learn to draw…

Update: Our Cartoons Course is now live, click here!


Something for you now

Lastly, we’ve just uploaded a brand new YouTube clip for you. In this one Colin demonstrates how to build the background on the Horse Portrait.

Check it out below:

Phew that’s a lot!

That’s all the updates for now..

I’ll leave just leave you with this 5% OFF code for our store 😉

Enter the code: FIVE at checkout.

Enjoy your week!

– Colin & Steve

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