What is Artist’s Block?

//What is Artist’s Block?
artists block cartoon by Tom Preston

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From time to time every Artist suffers from what’s known as ‘Artist’s block’, writer’s suffer from ‘Writer’s block’ and even composers suffer in the same way too. This usually comes at moments of stress when the persons mind is filled with many everyday problems that interfere with the creative process. It can also be brought on by having to meet deadlines, when doing commission’s worrying about the client’s reaction, staring a that blank piece of paper etc.

So what is the answer and how does the artist, writer, composer overcome this awful dilemma?

I am sure that you would have already guessed that this is all in the mind and the way out of this is going to take a bit of work on the person’s part. First of all I would suggest that the student realises from the start that all they are going to be able to achieve will depend on 1. their understanding of the medium and 2. their current level of experience. if they are just starting out they are not going to achieve a masterpiece. If they are more experienced then they must tell themselves that they already know how to do it because they have done it before. Once this is accepted they can relax and then proceed on the right frame of mind.

Have you ever suffered from Artist’s Block? Let us know in the comments below.

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