Wendy’s Landscape Painting Feedback

//Wendy’s Landscape Painting Feedback

Wendy has sent me her painting of a bridge and swans landscape that she has adapted from an original painting by R D Sherrin; adding her own ideas and in a impressionist style. The result is that she has produced a delightful picture and I would imagine that she enjoyed doing it very much. However there are one or two tips I would like to suggest that will be helpful when doing more of this kind of work in the future.

wendy's landscape and reference photo

The first thing that struck me when I viewed the picture was the tree line behind the bridge followed a similar line of the bridge itself.

The expanse of grass in the bottom right does take the eye too and perhaps more flowers or better still a rock or two would help here. The alternative would be to cut the bottom of the painting off as this would not spoil the composition and would solve the problem, see white line.

Wendy has added shadow in the water under the bridge but the grass areas here should also have a little shadow (see black arrows).

Overall Wendy should be proud of the painting and I am sure that we will see many more of her landscapes in the future.

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