Watercolour Pans or Tubes?

//Watercolour Pans or Tubes?

After Quinton - Holyhocks by Colin BradleyOn this website, I have mixed media tutorials where I use Pastel Pencils on top of watercolour. In the tutorial I show you how to successfully combine the two mediums and get outstanding results. In the watercolour part of the video, student’s will notice that I choose to use watercolour pans instead of tubes, why?

The problem that I found with watercolour tubes is that it’s possible to waste a lot. Certainly when you’re starting out, I recommend watercolour pans. The reason being you can reconstitute the colour just by wetting them again.

The way I generally work is working from Pan to Palette to Paper. Meaning that I take the colour from the Pan, put it in my palette to ensure I’ve got exactly the wash I want, then use that on the paper. Very rarely will I go straight from the Pan to the watercolour paper.

I have lots of watercolour tutorials on my other website Watercolour Made Easy which you can rent or buy. For those interested in combining pastel pencils with watercolour then sign up to become a member!

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