Different Sizes of Colour Shaper

//Different Sizes of Colour Shaper

You’ll often see me only use one size of Colour Shaper – The No 2 Chisel End Colour Shaper. This has completely changed the way I approach Pastel Pencils and I couldn’t have done some of the pictures I have done recently without it.


However, there are other other sizes and colours of shapers you can buy. The Black colour shaper is mainly used with Clay. The Grey shapers are more for pastel pencil or even watercolour work (but also clay). The White Colour Shaper is used for Soft Pastel work.

Renior-Holding-a-Bouquet-1.-634x800I have used a larger version of the Grey Colour Shaper in my Renoir Portrait which is available as a course for members. I find the chisel ended colour shapers best for pastel pencil work as you can use it flat or turn it on it’s side and use the corner for detail. You don’t have this option with the rounded shaper.┬áThe white one is no good for pastel pencil work and I don’t recommend it.

You’ll see me use the No 2 Chisel End Grey Shaper is every picture I do and you can pick them up in your local art shop or online through our art store here.

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