Using Sharp Pastel Pencils for Fur and Whiskers

//Using Sharp Pastel Pencils for Fur and Whiskers

Using Sharp Pastel Pencils to draw whiskers and fur on this Tiger2Ian has sent me his picture of the Tiger project and has asked for feedback.

This is a good study and I am sure Ian was delighted, however there are a couple of points I can raise that would improve this painting.

The eyes are just slightly out of alignment. I suggest that this could be corrected by moving the black pupil in the left eye very slightly to the left; this is the easier eye to alter.

Ian has already mentioned that the whiskers on the right side are too thick; this is simply a case of the pencils not being sharp enough.

The edge of the white fur where it meets the background could have more clarity (see black arrow). Again this could be easily adjusted by increasing the background colour tone slightly then using a sharp white pastel pencil to reinstate them.

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