To Change or Not to Change – Should you alter a picture after it’s been framed?

Alice has sent me her lovely painting of the Sunset project; understandably she was delighted with her efforts and has framed her work.


Alice has asked for my feedback that might help her with future projects and I am always happy to oblige. Once a painting has been framed it is better to leave it alone as at the time it was deemed worthy of a frame therefore should remain untouched.

I say this because it will be very tempting to make changes once I point certain points out, my advice would be not to touch it.

Alice has signed her name above the rocks (see white arrow), the reason was that it would show up better than on the dark areas.

There is no hard and fast rule on where a signature should go, however I would prefer to make it a little less obvious the bottom corner would be better using a sharp white pencil.

As I said as this painting has been beautifully framed I would not take it apart now, instead take this advice onto future projects.

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