Tips to Improve Tiger Painting | Colin Bradley Art

//Tips to Improve Tiger Painting | Colin Bradley Art

Paul has sent me his painting of the Tiger cub picture he has just finished and has asked for a few tips to help improve the work. On the whole Paul has done a great job of this tricky subject but below are a few points that would improve the painting.

Tips to Improve Tiger Painting | Colin Bradley Art

The box on both pictures on the images above show the slight misalignment of the nose. In Paul’s picture the nose has been straightened making it appear that the tiger is directly facing the front, whereas in the original on the right the tiger is facing slightly to the right. This is the kind of fault that could easily go unnoticed and leave the viewer feeling that something was wrong but not being able to put their finger on it.

Paul has made a reasonable job of the background but the foliage would have been better continued further along the tigers back, this would give the impression the animal was nestling in the grass.

The top of the right eye could be straightened this would open the eye, compare this to the original.

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