Tips for Selling your Artwork

//Tips for Selling your Artwork

One of our members Angel sent us an email regarding a Portrait Picture she would like to sell. Angel writes:

Hi guys!!

I am new to this pastel painting and boy do I love it. I must agree with Colin that it has opened up a new world for me too!! First I’d like to thank you for your teachings..wow..you just blow me away!! Secondly I was hoping you would help me with figure out what to charge for this portrait. I am new to this and I don’t want to rip anyone off or take advantage of them and also do not want it done to myself either. Please help me! Any ideas?

Thanks so much


We feel very proud to say that many of our students go on to sell their artwork and Angel is joining that club. Pricing your artwork can be tricky when you’re starting out.

We usually advice students at the beginning to keep the price reasonable – £50 ($65 ish?) for example would be a good starting price. Then, as you develop the techniques and experience you can charge more.

One rule I would recommend going by is to not count the time as money on a picture (e.g. charging per hour). The money charged is reflected purely on the quality and professionalism of the picture.

Selling Unframed

Another tip is that we suggest not selling the pictures framed. This would naturally put the price way up.

You’d also be taking a chance on them liking the frame! So it would be better to let them choose one instead. You can also recommend they double mount the work to push it away from the glass.

What are your tips for pricing and selling your pictures? Let us know in the comments below.

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