Tiger Cub Picture Feedback

//Tiger Cub Picture Feedback

tiger cub pastel pencil picture

Brenda has sent me this picture she is doing of a Tiger Cub and has asked for my help, she writes:

“I am sending you a picture I am doing and I hope Colin can give me a few pointers, mainly the cub looks like it has been chopped in half?

The right paw does not look right and the whole thing looks very grey, I don’t seem to be able to get the white finish that you achieve!

I’ve not taken the masking tape off yet, I’m not sure if I should add more to the background.”

There are two ways to sort out the ‘cut in half’ problem what I would do is increase the strength of the grasses at the back of the cub suggest that back end is hidden in the grass, or, you can reduce the picture size and cut off the offending section as indicated by the black line; this would work.

The problem concerning the brightness of the white is made more obvious by not using enough depth with the grey shadows in the white, this can be overcome by darkening these areas using 273 and 175.

I agree that you could add more background colour also the foreground too.

One more bonus tip, if you added a little 182 just under the eyelid on the left eye above the pupil followed by a touch of 175 on top of the 182 you will be amazed at the difference this would make.

Having said all that I think this is a good piece of work and you should be proud at what you have achieved, don’t sell yourself short.


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