The One Mistake that Lead to a Sleepless Night

//The One Mistake that Lead to a Sleepless Night

You wouldn’t believe that after all my art experience, teaching and podcast/feedback show ravings that I could fall into a trap I have so fervently criticised over the years.

Well folk’s it happened to me the other night.

I was well on my way to completing a lovely landscape for our members when I was inspired to add a detail which I felt would further enhance the picture. The picture already had a few characters featured but I thought that a dog would fit in quite well.

I searched the internet for a suitable dog to fit the bill and eventually found one. My next job was to draw the animal into my picture; I had already found the perfect spot in which to insert it.

The evening was drawing in and I felt that I had enough time to complete the drawing of the dog and the surrounding details. All went well and I finished late into the evening I sat back to admire what I had achieved and started preparing to call it a night.

Then it struck me.

The dog was, possibly, a little too large.

When this happens the best course of action is to return the next day and put this right. After all, this is the advice I would give out to my students.

But I did not follow this sound advice.

I set to and tried to adjust the subject. Having spent some time on this I was getting tired and I know that is fatal so I packed everything away and went to bed.

The problem however persisted in my head and having tried to reason with myself that all would turn out well I could not settle to sleep.

So, at 3am I crept back into my studio and spent another hour first erasing then redrawing the dog this time to the right proportions. Eventually, I was happy and went back to bed.

I am including an unfinished section of the picture and as you can see it has turned out well. It will be sometime before the finished completed picture will appear on the website but Steve and I felt it would be a good idea to write this blog before the memory fades, just goes to show though that we can all succumb to making bad decisions.

Don't fall into the trap like I did with my artwork, here's what I should have done to handle this artist's mistake

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