Terry’s Picture Feedback

//Terry’s Picture Feedback

terry worrall pastel paintingTerry has sent me this lovely pastel pencil painting and asked me for any helpful improvements I could suggest.

First of all let me say that using the grey paper has resulted in this colour showing through the subject, I would suggest that a lighter colour such as our sand coloured Ingres pastel paper would not have been so obvious. Long haired animals are difficult but Terry has done well here, one of the problems means the eyes are obscured. Terry has suggested the eyes through the hair but although the right eye is about right the left is not in alignment. This can easily be overcome by using the double ended eraser to carefully remove the left eye and move it slightly to the left. The nose would need to be adjusted slightly too as it appears to be tilted to the right, again this can be adjusted by adding a little mid grey then black to build up the right side.

I would like to thank Terry for allowing us to see his picture and I hope that these tips are helpful to both Terry and everyone else.

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