Technique for Drawing Short Animal Fur

//Technique for Drawing Short Animal Fur

Whilst digging through the archives we found this interesting question..

short koala fur pastel pencilsQ. I was wondering as you use the pastel pencils on parts such as short fur animals. When working in the direction of the fur (Like round the face) with each stroke does your pencil leave the paper? or is it more of a zig zag action with your pencil not leaving the paper?

A. Most of the time the pencil stays on the paper while I am working on fur strokes. The important thing to remember is that every time you lift the pencil away from the paper you are performing a completely fresh stroke each time you return, this is the reason my fur looks natural rather than false. But this needs to be practiced but once you crack the technique it works every time so it is worth the effort.

What short furry animals do you like drawing using pastel pencils? Let us know in the comments below.

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