Tackling Tiger’s Fur in Pastel Pencils

//Tackling Tiger’s Fur in Pastel Pencils

The secret to perfecting the tigers fur between the white and black stripes is to use sharp pastel pencils. This procedure has to be viewed rather than written as it is difficult to describe, however I will attempt to explain this here but I am also embedding a video below that might help. Although this demonstration is of a cat not a tiger but the principle is the same, the relevant part is near the end of the clip.

drawing tiger's fur in pastel pencilsThe picture here on the right shows the black fur and the lighter fur meeting, the black will need to be placed over the light fur on one side, this is not too difficult as the black will go over the lighter fur, as long as you have a sharp point on the pencil. It’s the other side that proves difficult  because light does not like going over dark. What you need here is a sharp white pencil and use a pushing action forcing the white over the black, at the same time rolling the pencil slightly as you do this.

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