Tackling Labradoodle Hair using Pastel Pencils

//Tackling Labradoodle Hair using Pastel Pencils

Claire has emailed me this picture of a dog called a Labradoodle. I believe it is a cross between a Labrador and a poodle. Claire wanted to paint this dog in pastel pencils but her first attempt failed miserably due in no small part to the difficult white/ivory hair, she as asked for my input on how she can best use her pastel pencils to best represent this unusual animal.

Drawing Labradoodle in Pastel Pencils

I have shown the full photo on the left above and the black square represents the enlarged section on the right. I am going to list the base and main colour’s for the areas within the coloured circles and a very brief suggestion as to the technique needed. The pencil numbers referenced are from the faber-castell pitt pastel pencil range.

In the green circle I would start with 101, then add 103 to add colour, apply 270 and add a light touch of 273 & 182.

In the blue circle I would start with 103 then a 270, 273 and 182 with just a hint of 186.

The red circle uses the same tones as the blue circle but the here 273 would be more dominant.

The yellow circle again uses the same colours but 283 is thrown into the mix here.

The white circle is in fact the eye although it is not clear to see it therefore the eye would have to be suggested rather than shown in detail. Here I would dispense with the lighter colours and start with 187 followed by 283 and 199, 283 can be reintroduced on top of the black. The areas leading from the eye into the lighter hair would used the colours already mentioned. Please note that there are certain to be other colours that would be needed to compliment those I have listed here, never be afraid to experiment.

I have dealt only with the suggestions as to colours not the technique of the overlaying hair, however the ‘poodle exercise’ and the ear of the ‘Koala bear’ on the members site would be of some help here. I would suggest Claire practices on spare paper before attempting this very tricky hair technique.

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