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Paul has sent me his painting of the Tabby Cat project and has asked if I can give him any tips as to how this could be improved. This was Paul’s first attempt so I feel that he has done very well and should be pleased with the result.

paul and colins painting side by side

I will bring up four main areas where I feel he can improve this work indicated by the coloured arrows. The dark markings could be strengthened by using the black pastel pencil as at the moment the colour is too weak (see the black arrow). This will apply to all the dark markings including the black in the eye, see the comparison the original panting on the right.

The right eye dips in the corner (red arrow). To get round this problem the pastel would have to be erased then rebuilt following the reference picture.

The blue arrow shows where the grey tone could be increased in depth thus separating the head from the neck.

Finally, the bottom of the cat where it meets the background needs to be softened as I have done on the original (indicated by the brown arrow).

Apart from the corner of the eye all the adjustments I have mentioned Paul can be made to the painting without the need to erase. Once done, the improvement to the overall look of the work will be amazing.

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