Swordfish ‘Ikon’ Manual Pencil Sharpener Review

//Swordfish ‘Ikon’ Manual Pencil Sharpener Review

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We have discussed on our podcasts and blog the problem of sharpening pastel pencils. Colin prefers to use the Safety Razor Blades to get a sharp point, but if this isn’t for you, what is a good alternative?

Thanks to one of our members Maree, there’s a product out there that can do the job and produce good results.

It’s the Swordfish Ikon desktop manual pencil sharpener.

Ikon pencil sharpener with pencils

Maree says:

I have been using a scalpel which does the job quite nicely, but found that it was aggravating my frozen shoulder problems, so had to look for an alternative.

I am now using a “SWORDFISH ‘IKON’ desktop manual pencil sharpener 8mm” which I found on Amazon and it is brilliant. I have 4 brands of pencils and it sharpens all of them to a very fine point (if needed) without breaking. For approx. £9, it is a life saver for my shoulder.

Here’s the link to the product on Amazon UK. If you do purchase one, let us know what you think!

Note: Derwent Pastel Pencils will not fit in this Ikon Sharpener. The Swordfish ‘Curve’
would be our recommendation for Derwent Pencils.

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