Student Success Stories | Gabriele’s First Exhibition

//Student Success Stories | Gabriele’s First Exhibition

Here at Colin Bradley Art we love to show our students’ success stories. One of our members Gabriele recently had her first exhibition. Here’s the email she sent us:

“Hi Colin and Steve

I wanted to tell you how my exhibition went and have sent you a few photos which you should have received by now. I hope you like them.

I have sold one picture on the opening night, what was a great surprise! The owner of the Gallery said that you normally don’t expect to sell any, and it should be more a celebration of the achievements, right? So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I sold a painting for AU$350. Don’t know how much this is in pounds.

I wished you Colin would have been there with me that night so I could have told all my guests about the wonderful mentor and tutor I have had in you and who should get as much acknowledgments and credit as me. Without your help I wouldn’t have found the talent hidden deep inside me. As you say Colin every one has the gift but not many know how to find it. Well, I found it, thanks to you, and I can’t express enough my deep gratitude and respect I have for you Colin.

I can’t remember any more when I became one of your members but it seems to be ages ago. Maybe you can help me out? Was it only 2 years ago when I picked up a pastel pencil for the very first time?
Since then I have been painting most of the day. As you Colin I am missing it when I am not painting. There is so much satisfaction once I complete a subject. Nothing can compare to it. I have reached a point now where I can say I have completed a new stage. I think you are don’t realise to be artist until you actually see all your paintings hanging on the wall then you realise all of a sudden you have achieved something. It’s an incredible feeling. I just thought my email would encourage a lot of other members and future members what you can achieve in a short period of time. Maybe you want to mention it in your last podcast? This would give many starting artists a lot of encouragement.

I listened to podcast 145 and completely understand your decision about only doing 5 more. 3 years is a long time. I can only imagine how hard it must have been for you Steve to manage you acting career and the commitment you had to the website at the same time. I am sure all the other members will understand this. We all have been very spoilt by you both. I don’t think there is nobody like you who talks to the members on a weekly basis and answers every single question. I do appreciate your time and effort and want to say a big thank you!

I hope I didn’t take to much time of you as I know you are both busy.

In the meantime I have entered the annual Awards for a big Gallery which will be officially opened by the major on the 23rd of October. I just finished a 5 meter perimeter Tiger in gold,silver and copper leaf. And of course a red kanguroo with joey in pastel pencil size A4. I have been asked at the end of the opening why I had chosen these so different media, and I said I needed release from the detailed work also to iconise the animals as they won’t be there for ever. Thats why I had chosen the glamorous metal effect. I can finally say I have found my style 🙂

Thank you so much again, have a wonderful day, and I will be in touch!

Kind regards


We look forward to seeing more great things from her in the future, keep up the good work Gabriele.

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