Steam Train Pastel Pencil Feedback

//Steam Train Pastel Pencil Feedback

Don has sent us his picture of a Steam Train he has done using Pastel Pencils. His email read as follows:

Don's Pastel Pencil Steamtrain

“I was searching for inspiration for my next pastel picture I remembered a comment you made on one of your podcasts about doing a train video .so this is my attempt (it was a spur of the moment painting whilst waiting for my lovely wife to cook a lovely sunday roast  so not a lot of attention to detail!).

I would like to also comment on the pleasure it has given me joining your pastel group , I am a complete novice and by watching your video demonstrations I am doing things I only dreamed I could do.”

Thank you for sending us your painting of a train, I have a couple of tips that would help you improve the picture. Firstly the depth of the grey tones could be enhanced by using the grey and black pastel pencils to better effect, this would create a more three dimensional look to the subject. This can be done by applying the light grey only to the lighter areas and the mid grey as a base for the darker areas.

pastel pencil steam train composition alteredThis immediately gives you a contrast and by using the darker colours such as 175 or 181 the the black 199 you can deepen the stronger tones. by using the mid grey 233 or 173 you can create the lighter and mid tones creating a much wider range of light and dark. This is difficult to fully understand unless it is demonstrated but I will be producing a train picture before too long  where I will be using these techniques.

The second point I would like to raise is that the background could be reduced making the train subject more interesting, here is a picture to illustrate what I mean, I think you will agree it makes a better presentation. I hope this helps.

The pencil numbers above are referring to Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils which you can purchase from our shop here. If you want to become a member of Colin Bradley Art then click here and learn how to draw using Pastel Pencils.

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