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Gabriele has sent me this Snow Scene she has recently completed using Pastel Pencils and has asked for a few tips to help her improve the painting.

Snow Scene Picture Feedback

Snow is tricky to paint as it relies on contrast of the snow as against the colours and tones of the landscape. It is also a mistake to assume that the snow is always white, without contrast one section melts into another as there is no definition to separate the tones. I have placed black circles around three areas to show what I mean where this contrast is needed. In area ‘A’ the colour of the sky could be darkened, area ‘B’ the roof should be darkened slightly and in area ‘C’ the snow behind the bush could be darkened, these rules should apply to the whole picture I have only outlined a few examples.

The red circle shows the Church tower and although Gabriele has placed lines her it also needs to be shaded, the inset picture shows how this can be done.

On the whole this difficult picture has turned out very well and I think Gabriele should be really pleased with her effort. If you would like to learn how to draw using pastel pencils then click here to learn about Colin’s Membership.

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