Snow Leopard Pastel Pencil Feedback

//Snow Leopard Pastel Pencil Feedback

Mary has sent me this lovely picture of a Snow Leopard she has done on black pastel paper and has asked me for any tips or advice as to how this can be improved.

mary's snow leopard in pastel pencils

I am not a fan of using dark colour papers with the pastel pencil medium as the colour shows through the finished work however I must say that this is a striking picture and certainly has eye catching appeal. Although I do not have the original photograph to refer to I feel that the black pupil in the eye needs to be altered slightly, I have superimposed a small white oval (see insert) that I feel would best represent the position and shape of black pupil. This can be easily achieved it means adding a touch more black to the area above and to the side of the excising pupil.

I would also have a little more of the neck showing this would help balance the study; the same amount again would work.

snow leopard in pastel pencils

All in all Mary has produced a good picture and has been helped by the Snow Leopard which mainly black and white, an ideal subject on this black paper. This would not have worked out so well had it been a animal with warmer tones such as a Lion, Leopard, Tiger etc.

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