Smoke and Sky | Pastel Pencil Tutorial

//Smoke and Sky | Pastel Pencil Tutorial

Sky and Smoke 8This week we have started a new exercise on the website. We had a question from one of our member’s some time ago about how to draw smoke against a sky. So rather than in explain in an email back, Colin has demonstrated in this tutorial how to achieve such an effect. He starts off in Part 1 with the Blue Sky and Clouds. Next week we’ll have the second part which completes the chimney and smoke. Click here to watch Part 1.

We have also added Part 7 of our Hungarian Viszlas Two-Dog portrait, click here to watch the video.

Yesterday we released episode 56 of our Podcast “Colin Bradley Art Cast“. Normally Colin tells us to follow the rule of putting light over dark with Pastel Pencils, however in this podcast he reveals that there are some cases where there is an exception to the rule. Tune in here to find out.

We also posted an article on our blog last week about why Colin switched from Carb-Othello Pastel Pencils to Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils, it’s an interesting read and provides an insight into Colin’s first Pastel Pencil purchase 30 years ago. Click here to read the article.

That’s it for this week!

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