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Discover How You Can Draw Pictures You Never Thought Possible
Using This Easy And Flexible Medium That Anyone Can Do.


Get 30 days Access to 200+ Courses for £14.99 ($20)

You Will Learn:

How to Draw with Pastel Pencils

Ideal for Absolute Beginners to Advanced.

Draw Any Subject

With a wide variety of lessons. Learn To Draw Stunning Animals, Landscapes, Portraits & Still Life.

How to Paint using Watercolour

You've never seen watercolour done this way.

Completely New Techniques

Paint beautiful pictures with Colin’s unique approach to Watercolour.

How to Draw Free-Hand

Step by Step Free Hand Drawing Lessons.

Start From Scratch

Learn proportion, perspective and even how to use colouring pencils to draw cartoons!

What our students say:

I cant wait for the next session, I never thought that I would be able to produce paintings as good as I do thanks to your tuition
I did a 3 month course with Colin and found a love for pastels. Learned more in those 3 months than I did on a two year, very expensive college course . Thank you Colin, you will always be fondly thought of when I pick up my pencils.
Colin is one of the best art teachers I have come across. I have paid for several online courses and have always been disappointed until I came across Colin Bradley Art, Colin is not only an excellent artist he is also a great teacher and his website is very competitive with new projects regularly added it is worth every penny. Thank you Colin and please keep up the great work.

prowling tiger thumbnail in pastel pencilsDraw & Paint Stunning Pictures

  • Save time and money by learning in your own home at your own pace…
  • Courses range from Absolute Beginners to Advanced Level…
  • Over 200 Subjects available to draw…
  • Hours of Pastel Pencil and Watercolour lessons.

welford sign up imageLearn Step by Step

  • No previous experience necessary…
  • Easy to follow bitesize lessons for you to follow step by step…
  • Courses never get removed – take all the time you need…
  • Unlimited Access. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

koala bears pastel pencil thumbnailSubjects for Everyone

  • Learn to Draw Wild & Domestic Animals, Landscapes, Portraits & Still Life…
  • Learn to Paint Watercolour Landscapes…
  • New Courses Added Every Month…
  • Learn to Mix Mediums – Combine Watercolour and Pastel Pencils…

ipad mini 1But wait, there’s more..

  • Colin’s Lessons are optimised to look great on PC/Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android…
  • Get feedback on your own artwork from Colin.
  • BONUS – Download & Keep 80 Worksheets
  • BONUS – Download & Keep 10 E-Books
  • BONUS – Download & Keep 33 Exercise Sheets
  • BONUS – Get Access to Colin’s Additional Class in Cartoon Drawing and Aquarelle Graphite (ALL IN Access only)

You Will Learn To Draw:

Animal Projects in Pastel Pencils

Landscape Projects in Pastel Pencils

Portrait and Still Life Projects in Pastel Pencils

Watercolour and Graphite Projects with Colin Bradley


Do you want to learn at your own pace in your own home?

With our online courses there's no pressure or time constraints. You get unlimited access 24/7, you can take your time and re-watch the lessons as many times as you like!

Do you want to have the confidence to draw and paint your own pictures?

With Colin's techniques you can quickly move onto producing your own artwork. Many of our members have started doing commissions, exhibitions and are selling their work!
What’s Inside:

  • Video Art Lessons on Pastel Pencils, Watercolour, Free-Hand Drawing, Aquarelle Graphite and Cartoon Drawing…
  • New Courses added Every Month.
  • Feedback. Get Feedback on Your Artwork from Colin.
  • BONUS – Download & Keep 80 Written Worksheets
  • BONUS – Download & Keep 10 E-Books
  • BONUS – Download & Keep 33 Exercise Sheets

What You’ll Learn:

  • How To Draw using Pastel Pencils
  • How To Paint using Watercolour
  • How To Draw Cartoons and use Colouring Pencils
  • How To Improve Your Artwork
  • Principles of Working from Light to Dark
  • Techniques that you can use to Draw Your Own Pictures
Animal Tutorials
Landscape Tutorials
Portrait & Still Life Tutorials
Watercolour Tutorials

Download and Keep these Bonuses!

Download Colin’s worksheets, e-books and step by step packs for 80 pictures

80 Step by Step Worksheets
Exercise Sheets

Before and After Photos from Janet:


Before and After from Sue:

If anyone out there is unsure as to the difference joining Colin Bradley's art site makes, then hopefully these pictures will show just how effective Colin's teaching is.

Before and After from Sue:

Before and After Photos from Sue Newton Pastel Pencil Artist

Colin’s Pastel Pencil Lessons Are The Best Investment I’ve Made In My Art. I can’t recommend the site enough. He has lessons for very beginners through advanced artists, so you can grow along with his lessons.
Read Full Review.
Thank you for getting me back in to drawing. I have learned a lot from you that I didn’t from college. Can you believe it, I have three degrees in art related fields.
This site will change your life! You’ll discover hidden talents you never thought possible. Each picture will test you beyond what you ever thought is possible.
Colin is an amazing artist and a huge inspiration to me drawing with pastel pencils. I actually never have heard of them before and when I found the Colin Bradley website I absolutely fell in love with these pencils. I used to draw with colour pencil but you can do so much more with pastel.

I visit the website almost on a daily basis. I love going through Colin’s lessons and I learn so much and my art work has improved so much.

This is my first year drawing and selling my work. I have sold $1,100 worth of pictures this year and display my work in a small art gallery in town.


Read Colin’s Reviews Here

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Access Animal Courses

£69930 days access
  • Unlimited Access to ALL Animal Lessons
  • Feedback on your Artwork
  • 95+ Video Courses

Access Landscape Courses

£69930 days access
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  • Feedback on your Artwork
  • 73+ Video Courses

Portraits & Still Life

£49930 days access
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  • Feedback on your Artwork
  • 35+ Video Courses

Get ALL Courses

£149930 days access
  • Unlimited Access to ALL Lessons (& Demonstrations)
  • Feedback on your Artwork
  • 200+ Video Courses
  • BONUS – Download & Keep 80 Worksheets
  • BONUS – Download & Keep 10 E-Books
  • BONUS – Download & Keep 33 Exercise Sheets
  • FREE Ingres Pad when you join for a Year!

Cheaper than a Weekly Art Class plus you get unlimited access to Step by Step Videos and Feedback on your Art!

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You will also get feedback on your artwork for the duration of your access.

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