Should you Frame your work yourself?

//Should you Frame your work yourself?

Today’s article is about framing. Should you pay for someone to mount and frame your pictures or is it better to buy a frame yourself?

miniature artwork mounted and framedIn my opinion, it all comes down to price. If you can afford it, I would always say have it professionally framed. If you work out the dimensions of the mount you will need (note: the bottom of the mount is usually slightly deeper than the other three sides) then it is very rare that you can buy a ready made frame to fit the mount.

With Pastel Pencil pictures, I would advise that you get your work double mounted so that the pastel does not touch the glass. Doing this really requires a professional. Then you can have a frame made to fit the mount. As you can see, this could be a costly process. Back in the days when I had my Art Gallery, I provided this service to my customers. Choosing the right frame and mount is an important decision as it can really show off the artwork. To read more on how to choose a mount, check out our article here.

Do you choose to have your work professionally framed? Let us know in the comments below.

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