Shading White Hair and Adding Realism to your Pet Portraits

Yrea just recently joined our membership and sent us her picture of the Jack Russell project.

Yrea's pastel pencil feedback from Colin Bradley

I can see why you are so delighted with your Jack Russell picture you have done a great job.

One of the more difficult techniques to get your head around is shading white hair. The amount of white pastel pencil has to be just right, too heavy and the greys added become too weak, too little white and the greys become too fierce.

Practice makes perfect with this technique and there are a great many examples in the videos on the site. This is something that I am sure you will master very quickly as the rest of the portrait is fine. Check out the nose (another feature that causes problems), although you have proportioned it ok it does tend to lack realism. What is needed is a slightly softer effect and this is achieved but softening the edges particularly round the nostrils.

All in all a competent piece of work and we look forward to seeing more of your pictures.

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