Securing Pastel Paper To Your Drawing Surface

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cheap masking tapeI use cheap masking tape to secure the pastel paper to my piece of hardboard. The reason for this is it’s not quite as strong as the good quality masking tape.  If the picture takes some time to complete then this extra time with the better quality masking tape secures the picture too well and if the tape is not taken off carefully some of the picture could come with it!

When I’m doing watercolour pictures I use a brown paper tape with a sticky back that you can lick or lubricate lightly with water.  This secures better than the masking tape as when wetting the watercolour paper as with washes especially, the masking tape can lift and it is annoying to have to keep pushing it back down again.  The brown paper doesn’t come off and I use a razor blade to cut along the edge of the tape which leaves a border of brown tape (about a centimetre) on the picture.

This does not really matter because when the picture is framed this is hidden under the framing/mount.  The remaining brown paper tape peels off the hardboard beautifully.  No problem at all!

How do you secure your pictures? Let us know in the comments below!


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