Revealed: Our New Siamese Kitten Project

//Revealed: Our New Siamese Kitten Project

Here it is, the next project coming to Colin Bradley Art. This stunning Siamese Kitten will be uploaded for members this week. Here’s what Colin had to say on this subject.

“I was faced for the first time with the “fluffy-ness” of a cat. I hadn’t experienced that before, mainly because this picture’s close up. The reference picture gave me a great challenge and how did I do it? The Ivory Colour Shaper. That made it all possible and you will see how I created a new technique to change the normal cat fur I have done in the past, to a cat fur which is incredibly realistic.

It’s a great study and a great pastel pencil lesson. You’ll see this new technique translate to other animal projects coming up in the near future. It taught me a completely new way of looking at fur.”

Siamese Kitten using pastel pencils by colin bradley

Are you looking forward to this project? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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