Prismacolor Pencils – Chalk & Cheese

//Prismacolor Pencils – Chalk & Cheese
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Horse done in Prismacolor Pencils: referenced from: gallery.prismacolor.com

Can you use Prismacolor pencils the same way as Pastel Pencils?

I have not had that much experience with Prismacolor pencils and though they state they have soft leads for blending, you cannot achieve the same results. The reason for this is because all colouring pencils are waxed based and are therefore not compatible with the chalky base of the pastel pencils. They are two different consistencies, almost like “chalk & cheese”.

Remember I am saying this from my perspective being a purist and not wishing to mix media – chalk and wax together. This doesn’t mean to say that someone else with different ideas wouldn’t be able to make that work, it’s just not for me. Having said that I do not mix media, there are mediums that will combine very well together. Pen & Ink and Watercolour for instance. Watercolour and pastel pencils, pastel pencils and soft pastels – to a limited degree. Pastel Pencil being the base colours and soft pastel being placed on top of them.

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