Colin Bradley Art Cast – 58 – Shiny Fruit

//Colin Bradley Art Cast – 58 – Shiny Fruit
Colin Bradley Art Cast – 58 – Shiny Fruit 2018-03-15T15:12:53+00:00

This week we talk about drawing fruit and especially shiny fruit like cherries & grapes. Colin also gives advice on drawing Golden Labradors and the pastel pencils to use. We discuss the best lighting conditions for doing artwork including using daylight bulbs and the best angles.

Show notes:

This week we mention the Bowl of Cherries which will soon be an art course on the website, here it is:

bowl of cherries in pastel pencils

Colin talks about the colour shaper which you can achieve these shiny effects with. You can purchase one on the art store here.

For help with Golden Labradors – we talked about Jasper being a slightly gingery dog but you can check out the workshop pack by joining our membership.

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