Plane Landscape Artwork Feedback

//Plane Landscape Artwork Feedback

Bonny has sent me this pastel painting she has done and has asked for feedback.

While waiting for another pencil order, I tried doing this picture I found. Someone posted this and I printed from my phone. I found when enlarged I lost quite a few lines. The picture became dark and muddled. So between the enlargement and a 1 inch photo I attempted to copy. I would l appreciate your feedback as this project was very difficult. The one I did is lighter and brighter. Thank you.

plane artwork and reference pictureConsidering the degree of difficulty with a picture like this Bonny has done well. Although it is tempting to include all the details you see in a photograph sometimes it pays to exercise artistic license. I would have left out the buildings (indicated by the black arrows), also the rather ugly line on the landmass that runs to the left of the planes tail (see white arrow).

plane tail

I would also use a sharpened pastel pencil to fill in the space left between the plane and the background. This would serve two purposes; to give the plane a sharper definition and also hide the line left by the pencil. When you try these kind of subjects: trains, cars and planes, you have to be mindful that the surfaces of these subjects should be smooth. This is difficult to do but by using blenders and a lot of patience it is possible.

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