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Mike recently sent us this request for the colours needed for this horse portrait. Mike says:

I would welcome your advice please, as to which Faber Castell Pitt Pastel Pencil Colours will enable me to undertake this study of just the horse.

I suppose it may transpire that I will have to use some stick versions, given the colours involved.

Many thanks.



I would suggest that he studies the mid grey area above the mouth. This is a clue in as much as a light grey (270) could be used as a base for the lighter brown tones and a mid grey (273) could be used as a base for the dark brown tones.

Then colours such as 187, 283 an 177 could be applied to create the horse colours with even 175/199 can be used to add extra strength. I do not feel that stick pastels would be needed to add more colours though.

I hope that helps Mike and others that may attempt a picture similar to this in the future. Advice like the above is available to all members of our website. To find out more about membership click here.

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