Penny’s Dog Pastel Pencil Picture Tips

//Penny’s Dog Pastel Pencil Picture Tips

Penny has sent in her picture requesting some feedback:

Penny's Dog Pastel Pencil Picture Tips

The obvious problem is the shape of the eye at this stage, I would suggest that this is closed up a little otherwise it would affect the expression.

I have placed a copy of the eye close to the painting to help Penny see the comparison. Penny has used guide lines to draw out the original drawing and she has done a good job considering this is a freehand attempt. However the whole animal is out of proportion and no matter how good the colouring with the pastel is it can never look right.

Here are a few things to look at – The width of head, depth of both ears, Nose should be more to the right and depth of forehead.

I do appreciate that it is great to draw freehand and if it comes off then it is really satisfying, however it does take a great skill to be able to do this in the meantime until this skill is learned then we do need help.

What I would suggest to penny is that she uses a grid system, either make her own or use our very popular ‘Square drawing System’.

This way you are able to create the correct proportions and then use your own artistic license to make adjustments. Please note that I still use my square drawing grids to create my own line drawings.

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