Peaches Artwork Feedback

//Peaches Artwork Feedback

don's peaches artwork in pastel pencils

Don has sent me this picture of the peaches he has just completed and asked me for any tips I could give him to improve the picture.

The main problem I can see here is the ‘black’ background and this certainly does detract from the very good effort he has made of the peaches. Black as we know is a darkening agent only and as such needs to be applied at the right time on top of a good base colour, if it is applied without sufficient ground colour then the black dominates as is the case here. To avoid that happening you must make sure that there is a good layer of base colours then when the black is added it will appear much subdued by the underlying colours.

Another point her is the background behind the far left side of the yellow bowl needs to be darkened, see ‘A’, this could be done by bringing the foreground colour ‘B’ up to meet the black.

To improve the ‘black’ background colour simply apply 283 on top of the black this should reduce the harsh look.

I would also apply 103 ivory to the white around the stone as this does appear too bright at the moment.

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