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Welcome to our Season 1 Subject – Simple Sunset.

Colin will demonstrate how to draw a simple sunset using just 6 pencils. The techniques you will learn will enable you to complete the full picture at your own pace. For this reason we have included the full outline drawing below.

As you watch each episode and learn the techniques, you can just do the various sections, or complete the whole picture if you like!

Outline Drawing:

You can chose to draw the outline free-hand (Tip: use Colin’s Square Drawing Grids to create an accurate outline) or you can trace it using a graphite carbon. Alternatively you can print it straight to Pastel Paper using your home printer.

Here’s the outline drawing and Colin’s completed for your reference. Click the images to enlarge.

Quick dem sunset Sunset LD

Pastel Pencils Used:

Colin uses just 6 Pastel Pencils for this whole picture. He chooses and refers to the Faber-Castell Pitt Range of Pastel Pencils as these are his preferred brand. The Faber-Castell range have a higher pigmentation and are more robust compared to other brands.

However, you can use any brand of pastel pencils to complete the picture. You can compare the colours with our Faber-Castell Colour Chart.

The pencils used in this picture are: 101 White, 106 Light Yellow Chrome, 109 Dark Chrome Yellow, 192 Indian Red, 143 Cobalt Blue, 199 Black.

Purchasing Materials:

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