Painting Windsor Castle in Pastel Pencils

//Painting Windsor Castle in Pastel Pencils

I thought it might be interesting to show you a picture I did in pastel pencils a few years ago and explain how I tackle one of the many techniques that were involved. The picture is a copy of a Louise Rayner painting depicting life in Windsor in the late Victorian era.

Windsor Castle in Pastel Pencils

Louise Rayner

Louise Rayner

I have been asked many times how I managed to create the ‘distant effect’ of Windsor Castle and the buildings directly beneath it. I simply applied a generous application of 230 light cool grey to the whole area above the black lines shown on the picture above. I had to make the line drawing of the castle and the buildings a little stronger than usual otherwise I would have lost the image under the grey colour. I added blue to the grey base to a sky tone and left it at that.

The colours of the buildings and the castle were then applied on top of this grey tone. This can be seen better by the recession of the mounted soldiers, the white arrow shows the two mounted soldiers that were not placed on this grey base.

Another question that I am often asked is why I am so often drawn to old fashioned scenes, the simple answer is that I love the styles of clothes, the rustic buildings not to mention horse and carts etc. they are always a joy to paint.

My original picture was A3 in size and I used the sand Ingres pastel paper, although this painting will not be reproduced as a project the horse and cart is available as an exercise on our website, minus the leading horse.

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