Painting a German Shepherd’s Eye in Pastel Pencils

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In this colour mix exercise we will be dealing with the rich eye colour. As always the colours referenced are from the Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencil range.

painting a German Shepherd Eye using Pastel Pencils

In band A the 109 acts as the base colour placed along the whole length of the band of pencil colours, 113 is applied next and then 283 on top of that at the end, this means that 283 sits on top of both 109 and 113.

In band B 113 was the base colour then 283, 177 and finally 199 applied in that order along the band. However to make a richer mix 283 was placed on top of 199, compare this tone to the ‘B’ in the photograph you will see that it is an excellent match.

This lovely photograph will be one of our subjects in due course where I will be using these colours in that, a good opportunity for some to practice.

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