Not Going To Art School Does Have It’s Advantages

//Not Going To Art School Does Have It’s Advantages

Painting by Ronald Dean - Marine Artist

Jill sent us an email in response to our Podcast 141 “What you’ll learn at Art College”. In her
email she sent us a picture of one of her Father’s paintings featured above. He was a marine artist and we felt that it would be nice to draw attention to his work in a blog. This excellent painting was constructed largely from her Father’s imagination as he was told early on that it was not good to copy. However I would suggest that a painting as intricate as this would require a number of references to achieve the accuracy needed for a work of this kind.

Her Father had no official art training and did not attend art school, which makes the work above even more remarkable. Not going to art school does have its advantages however, as, left to your own resources, and if you have the skill needed, you are then able to develop your own style and learning by your mistakes can speed up this process.

Since joining our member’s site and listening to the podcasts, Jill says: “I am suddenly walking around on air really proud of what I am achieving and really enjoying it.” I am sure that having such a talented Father has been a constant inspiration and looking at the work she has sent us recently, plenty of inherited talent too.

This also illustrates yet again that everyone can achieve their hearts desire if there is sufficient motivation and encouragement around. Jill has 3 commissions lined up and is choosing not to charge until she has gained the confidence and experience. Now although this is a commendable attitude I feel that by charging even a nominal sum to start off with changes the value that the recipient places on the work and this will make Jill feel that the effort she is making is all worthwhile.

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