New To Drawing? Build Your Confidence and Get Amazing Results from this Undiscovered Medium

Hi, my name’s Colin Bradley, let me ask you you something:

Have you always wanted to learn to draw? Have you:

  • Tried but Lack Confidence?
  • Been Unable to Attend Art Classes?
  • Had a Bad Experience with a Teacher?
  • Tried other mediums and found them too difficult?

What if you could:

  • Feel Confident and In Control.
  • Have a fun, stress free hobby to escape your daily routine.
  • Learn in your own home at your own pace with a community of like-minded people.
  • Draw Pictures that you can be proud of.

I’m proud to say that all my students feel the second set of bullet points. The approach I take to teaching is unique (and different) to others (art teachers) because I’ve been there..

When I was at school I loved drawing. One day I was doing a picture of a firework display using coloured chalks. I was really proud of my achievement and I couldn’t wait for the teacher to come round to see it. When he did, he said: “That’s rubbish. You’ll never be any good at art.”

I was completely deflated.

Have you ever had a bad experience with a Teacher?

My teacher’s words stayed with me for years. As I got older I still drew occasionally, for friends and family. There was something special about Drawing that made me relax, chill out and escape all the stresses of daily life. I could get lost in a picture. One day I had the courage to try watercolour painting and tried my hand with landscapes. I really enjoyed this but one day a friend asked me to paint their dog. I tried with watercolour but something wasn’t clicking. On a chance visit to a local art shop I stumbled upon Pastel Pencils – problem solved!

TigerEasy To Use

I was surprised at how easy they were to use and able to get amazing results. Having the control of a pencil and a dry medium, yet produce “painting” like quality pictures. I completely immersed myself in the medium and began teaching what I had learnt.

Fast forward 30 years and I’m now able to teach online, through step by step videos – to the entire world. My students range from absolute beginners to expert artists. So if you’re just starting out or even an experienced artist, try one of my free courses today and see what you can achieve. I can guarantee you one thing:

I will never critique any of my student’s work. As part of our membership I offer member’s positive feedback on their paintings but as you know from my experience – these thoughtless comments can be detrimental to our enjoyment of art.

Even if you have no previous drawing experience, you can pick up and immediately start learning the techniques I have to offer.

What You Need To Get Started: The Basics


The Paper I have used for the past 25 years is the Sand Coloured Ingres Pastel Paper made by Fabriano. It’s sand colour is a neutral tone and therefore there isn’t a subject that doesn’t look great on this paper. It’s ideal for skin tones, animals and landscapes. The paper has two sides, I use the raised tooth so that the pastel can grip to the paper and hold more layers. I use (and sell) the 160gsm thickness paper so that I can apply a little pressure when using the pencils and it doesn’t crush the paper.


My absolute favourite brand of Pastel Pencils to use are Faber-Castell. In my opinion they have a higher pigmentation compared to other brands which means your pictures will look brighter and better. Their build quality is excellent and it’s very rare that a pencil lead breaks. Some other brands can almost “crumble” under pressure.

Tiger Line DrawingOutline Drawings

I was asked once whether using outline drawings or my square drawing grids was “cheating“. My response? “The grid system is a system that’s been used by artists for generations and has proved invaluable for both professional artists and those just starting out. If an artist is one of the very few that are able to draw free hand accurately then it is obviously more satisfying to be able to do that. Unfortunately if schools of art were to insist that their students produced only free hand work then this would dramatically cut those wishing to pursue art. Therefore in my view, and my student’s view, this is not cheating in any way.

I provide outline drawings for all my tutorials so that student’s can jump straight in with using pastel pencils.

Now you know the basics, why not try my free courses below:

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